Lincoln College

Mr. Yudhisthir Aryal (B.Ed Second Year)

Yudhisthir AryalEverybody in the world has desire to bread baker to breadwinner. Everybodywants to be skillful, smart looker, intelligence& higher than other. Peopledon't want to be lazy. They try to do something and want to earn name andfame. Everybody has god gifted skill. They have their own enthusiasm.

To become real for their dream and to fulfill their need and desire , they must be educated. Only hollow education can not fulfill heir needs, desiresand dream, to see their dream in reality, they need to learn skillful,vocational and practical based educational. For vocational education everyrational students need to choose the Lincoln College, which is not only acollege it is a also a home of every student's. the techniques used inteaching excellent premises and family environment are core assets of thiscollege. This college is platform where students can learn to solve reallife problem with piratical purposes.

At last , I feel proud to be student of Lincoln College and appeal the
other students ( who are keen interested to see their dream ion reality) tojoin this college. I think Lincoln College is one of the best colleges. To the concerned students, I humbly request to visit elsewhere, thinkseriously and eventually join to Lincoln. Thank You.

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